Suitable Compensation on No Win No Fee Claims

No Win No Fee Claims

Whenever personal injury claims are discussed advertised or pursued the saying ‘no win no fee’ will appear on a regular basis. It is therefore vital, if you possess the basis for a compensation claim, that you understand precisely what a claim made on a no win free basis entails. First, must be understood is it does not guarantee you will win your case. No reputable injury lawyer will make this type of claim, and then any that do are being somewhat less than truthful. A company which guarantees success is actually only guaranteeing something - that they are to not be trusted. It is this type of ‘overselling’ of compensation claims, which has resulted in the idea of seeking compensation for personal injury being unfairly maligned.
We do, however, ensure guarantees, and something of them is the fact that we will just take your case on if we think you have a strong claim and a great chance of being awarded compensation. What our ‘no win no fee’ system actually means is you can pursue your claim safe knowing, regardless of what the end result or just how long the case continues for, it won’t cost you anything.
In this way, the opportunity to seek justice following a personal injury, which was not your fault, is not a thing that is fixed to the wealthy, and we think that is exactly as it ought to be. In years gone by, people may have hesitated to find compensation because of the anxiety about how much it might cost them if they lost - fear that they could end up spending damages, costs and dear solicitors fees.
Should you lose your claim
Clearly, we walk out our method to make certain we win as many of our cases as possible, but occasionally, the strongest seeming claim can fail. Should you choose lose your claim then you definitely need not worry, your personal lawyer’s fees and the costs from the other party will be fully covered with insurance - you will not have to pay anything.
If you win your claim
In case of your claim achieving success and you being awarded compensation for your injury, your personal lawyer’s fees will be paid by the other part. Nothing will be taken out of your compensation, meaning you will receive each penny of however much the court decides you are legally entitled to.
What all this means is that you will be able to decide whether to claim for compensation weighing up nothing more or less compared to rights and wrongs of your case. If you feel you have been injured and the fault lies elsewhere then you can make claiming, without having to be held back by fears over money and the nagging doubt that you cannot really afford to go after that which you truly deserve.
What the law states because it stands means that there are some exceptional cases in which the no win no fee system is not applicable.


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