Password Manager with Comprehensive Identity Management

LogmeOnce Provides USB Encryption Software to Early Registrants of Password Manager
Until alternatives like voice biometrics becomes viable, mobile and desktop users are tied to passwords. Fortunately, there are ways to make password use simpler and easier because of the likes of LogmeOnce, a service provider of comprehensive identity management and single sign-on solutions. Actually, LogmeOnce recently released a tool that helps further protect consumers, businesses as well as their passwords from cyber breaches.
Best of all, people who register early for any copy of LogmeOnce’s new service will receive a free copy from the company’s military-grade encryption software for their USB storage.
"With our service, users can easily manage their numerous passwords, securely and safely, like a proactive stance against malicious hackers," said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of LogmeOnce, in a statement. "Obviously, with all the hacking that we are seeing, there is a huge interest in this capability, and our program provides an access point toward improving how consumers and businesses secure their information. In addition, you'll never have to worry about whether you forgot your password to some certain website."
Those registered for any LogmeOnce account have access to a Web dashboard made to look much like apps on the tablet or smartphone that provides use of users’ various Web accounts. By simply clicking on a site’s icon within the dashboard, a user is granted access immediately to that site or service in a separate browser tab, where they are already logged in.
Quite simply, the LogmeOnce password manager allows users to securely login to various sites and services from the device, eliminating the need to memorize several set of login details. Furthermore, the service can store user data in the cloud, on a desktop or even on a USB key. Regardless, LogmeOnce’s support for multi-factor authentication will help to drastically reduce the time and effort essential to manage accounts.
The LogmeOnce identity management program generates secure passwords and single sign ones.
“With LogmeOnce, you are safe and no longer scrambling to remember a multitude of passwords,” CEO Kevin Shabazz said. The LogmeOnce best password generator helps users with a one-stop-shop security platform for password management and digital privacy protection. The LogmeOnce suite protects against fraud and theft, sabotage, malicious acts and legal exposure. Specific features, functions and benefits could be studied in detail at the website the founders are not new to the safety business, their Trust Digital program was acquired by McAfee in June 2010. The LogmeOnce suite of merchandise delivers an entirely new level of security and access management that introduces science into authentication and security management.
Do you know that the entire personal and business presence on the internet can be jeopardized should you lose, forget or compromise the very essential KEY that provides you access? Passwords are not the only piece of security online; they are the first line of defense in protecting both consumers and businesses. LogMeOnce as the Best Password Manager provides capability to make your own unique KEY; all information is securely packaged and encrypted using your own key. Get your copy of the LogMeOnce Free Password Manager.

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